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Title: 10 Fingers
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: CL/Minji
Word count: 6563
Warnings: None? I think?
Summary: Chaerin comes out during a game of 10 Fingers, and Minji doesn't exactly take it well.
Notes: Well, two days before the end of February I finally make good on my promise to post femslash. This was supposed to be a roughly 2000 word fic with like, maybe a little making out in it, so naturally it ended up 6500 words and NC-17. I am a creep. Thank you soooo much to [profile] reallycorking for the speedy betaing and the cheerleading. This is a little rough because I banged it out fast and I am in grad school, so any remaining issues are totally my fault.

At my fic journal: "I've never made out with a girl," Dara says. Chaerin casually folds down a finger and takes a small sip from her Coke.
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